Learn to Code: Episode 008 – Creating HTML Links – Intro to HTML Part 5

In the last episode, we’ve discussed about how to insert pictures to an HTML document using either relative source or absolute source. We’ll continue discussing more HTML tags that we need to be familiar with.

One of the powerful feature of HTML and World Wide Web is the ability to link between pages. The first website has this feature already. So in this episode, we will discuss how to use anchor tags to link to a new HTML page and back.

In summary, here are the things we will discuss in the video below:

  • Creating a new HTML page
  • How to use the <a> – Anchor tag, to link to that new page.
  • How to link back to the home page.
  • Combining <ol> and <ul> tags to have another level of list
  • Using <div> and <span> HTML tags which does not do anything on its own but are very useful for grouping HTML tags together for styling and programmability purposes.

In the video, I mentioned that the next episodes/lessons will be about CSS, but I forgot several more HTML tags that we must be familiar with first. That’s what we will discuss next.

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