Learn to Code: Episode 010 – HTML Forms – Intro to HTML Part 7

Reaching the 10th episode/lesson since I started teaching how to code for free with more episodes to come!

Make sure to tell your friends about this. They don’t need to pay anything to anyone to learn web development! Again these tutorials are in TAGLISH (Tagalog and English) and are really made for complete beginners. English subtitles are in the pipeline as well.

This episode is the second to the last part of the Introduction to HTML series. After this series, we will move on to some Basic CSS.

Since by this time, you’ve already gained familiarity with the codes, tools, and how to search for more information in a smart way, we will start to accelerate things a bit. Just make sure that you’ve already watched the previous episodes.

After a couple of episodes covering the basics of CSS, we will move on to the vanilla JavaScript series. Surely you will enjoy learning the programming language of the web in a way that when you decide to learn other libraries and frameworks, you will know what you’re doing and what’s happening.

In this episode, we will create a new HTML page called register.html to demonstrate the common input tags. Additionally, we will talk about the submit and reset input buttons and understand the query strings as it relates to the HTML input elements.

As an added bonus, we can see the default validation of browsers for input types such as email, making sure it’s valid and the default date picker provided by Google Chrome for date input type.

Here is the list of the things we will discuss. Again, VSCode is super helpful in this episode because it provides the basic code snippet for each input types.

  • HTML form
  • input type – text
  • input type – email
  • input type – password
  • input type – submit
  • input type – reset
  • input type – date
  • input type – radio
  • input type – checkbox
  • select and option elements
  • submitting the form
  • query strings

At the end of the episode, I will quickly show you how to copy a website. 🙂

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