Learn to Code: Episode 001 – How Computers Work

As mentioned in my previous post, I will start teaching how to program in order to help people learn skills they can actually use to support themselves. But in order to start learning computer programming, we have to first understand how computers work.

Learning how computers work is very important but it doesn’t have to be extensive or complicated. We just need to learn enough to get started.

This video is a Zoom meeting recording streamed directly to YouTube Live. The audio and video is a bit out of sync but not that much. I’ve learned from it and pre-record my screen share on the next lessons. 🙂

This lesson is in Tagalog.

Lesson 001 – How Computers Work (Tagalog)

Here are the lesson’s resources:

Update: Episode 002 – Introduction to Google Sheets (Tagalog) is ready!

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