Learn to Code: Episode 006 – HTML Tags – Intro to HTML Part 3

In the last episode, we talked about the most common HTML tags that we must be familiar with. This episode is the continuation where we will discuss more HTML tags using Visual Studio Code.

We’ll start with what is called “self-closing” tags. Named because it does not require a closing tag in order to use.

Here are the things we will discuss:

  • <br> – Line break
  • <hr> – Horizontal Rule
  • Using Visual Studio’s HTML snippet where we don’t need to type in the opening brace “<“ in order to type an HTML tag. We just need to type the HTML tag name directly like “br” (without quotes) then pressing the TAB key to complete
  • <ul> – Unordered list
  • <li> – List item
  • <ol> – Ordered list

It’s getting more exciting isn’t it? In the next episode, we’ll discuss how to insert pictures and discuss the difference between relative and absolute source/URLs.

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