Learn to Code: Episode 005 – HTML Tags – Intro to HTML Part 2

There are lots of HTML tags available and more are being added. Do you need to know all of them to be able to work with HTML? No. As a matter of fact, we only need to know around 10-15 HTML tags 90% of the time. The rest can be referred to anytime if the need arises.

In this part of the series, we will start using Visual Studio Code so if you haven’t already done so, please download and install it. You can of course use any HTML editor of your choice but it is recommended to use Visual Studio Code if you follow along with this series. There is a huge chance that what you see me typing will also be the same with you. Worrying about why you see differently is an additional burden to your brain. It won’t hurt but it would be best to have one thing to worry about while learning so you can focus.

Here is the YouTube video:

Episode 005 – Introduction to HTML (Tagalog) – Part 2

We will discuss the following in this episode:

Note: I will now refer to lessons as episodes from now on. Just because it sounds cooler :) I’m not comfortable giving you “lessons” but since we are all learning, “episodes” seems more appropriate. 
  • Why index.html?
  • Start writing HTML file
  • The HTML syntax: opening and closing tags, the use of < and > symbols in HTML.
  • Common HTML tags:
    • <html>
    • <head>
    • <title>
    • <body>
    • <p>
    • <h1> to <h6>
  • HTML Tag vs HTML Element
  • Computers don’t assume. You’ll get what you’ve typed, most of the time.
  • HTML comments

In the next episode, we’ll discuss self-closing tags and another sets of useful HTML tags. See you there!

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