Learn to Code: Episode 004 – Introduction to HTML Part 1

Can you start learning HTML using a mobile device alone? Do you really need a laptop or a computer? This episode discusses this question.

This episode also gives an overview of HTML editors. It explains what is a source code using a word processing comparison so you can better understand the importance of an HTML file.

I also discussed the importance of knowing how to search using Google and w3schools.com. Getting used to reading a lot of documentation is very important. Although there are lots of HTML tags in sites like w3schools.com, only about 10 to 15 HTML tags are used 90% of the time.

We will also introduce a very nice code editor: Visual Studio Code

Lesson 004 – Introduction to HTML (Tagalog) – Part 1

The next parts in this series discusses some of the most important HTML tags that will not drown you with too much information.

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